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Who We Are

We are a seasoned team of video producers, web marketers and developers who have taken the powerful medium of video one giant step further.

Our technology eclipses the likes of walk-on videos and introduces a new era of powerful and engaging media that interacts intelligently with visitors.

Our team consists of a group of professionals who provide specialist skills in the areas of multi-media, software development, cutting edge database design and video production.


Our History

  • The Novita Group Pty Ltd was formed by Directors Claire and Lou Schillaci - consulting on both conventional and online marketing projects; and spearheading new software and hardware development arms.
  • Created internal video production unit to market The Novita Group's range of products and services.
  • Opened US and UK operations to service wholesale customers across the US and Europe.
    Won awards for Marketing Excellence in Australia and the UK - for conventional and multi-media campaigns.
  • Expanded team to encompass technical support and the development of applications and middleware for database interactivity.
  • Novita Digital Studios was formally consolidated, utilising Claire Schillaci’s 15 years of network TV experience.
  • PrompterVideo™ was born! This entity sees the culmination of the Group's past 10 years across the disciplines of technical expertise, best practise marketing and innovative video production.


We work on the cutting edge where database-driven software and web technology merges with high tech video production. Working in this fusion environment means new applications are constantly emerging that suit all kinds of industries.

This in turn creates opportunities for partners and affiliates who are looking for resources that give them the edge in on-line marketing, SEO, video presentations and data collection. In turn we are always looking for people who want to work with us to create opportunities in advancing the powerful medium of on-line video. Find out more about how you or your team can benefit by contacting our partnership team by phone, email or using the contact form here.

Lou Schillaci

Lou has over 20+ years experience in marketing both in the USA, Europe and Australia. He developed the idea of PrompterVideo over several years before putting the team together.

He has held several high level management positions including CEO/CMO of Network Harmoni Inc., a US based network software corporation, CEO of one of the first on-line music resellers as well as Marketing Director of Creative Labs.

Lou is a highly experienced entrepreneur and skilled in negotiating alliances and joint ventures. His is a proven brand builder and has created and managed many International sales and marketing campaigns.

A sound strategist with strong focus on revenue growth, he is an experienced entrepreneur and digital futurist.

Claire Schillaci

Claire Schillaci has been instrumental in the development of PrompterVideo™ since the beginning. She started her career in an Australian advertising agency as a Copywriter and Public Relations Officer. Whilst working in London she managed Taylor Woodrow's vast international property portfolio as the company's Public Relations Manager and she also fulfilled the role as PR Manager for London's World Trade Centre.

Over the years Claire established her own PR and Marketing Consultancy with clients including many high profile corporates, including Hummer and Volvo.

She's been involved in television presenting for over 15 years, working on a variety of Australian lifestyle TV shows. Currently she is presenting and consulting to a variety of clients in Europe, USA, UK and Australia. She is also responsible for the marketing of our international business units.

José Mota

Chief Developer
José has been working with computers since the early eighties and has been instrumental in developing many cutting edge applications. His current role is intrinsic to the research and development of the PrompterVideo™ engine. He is also an innovative coder, having honed his skills over many years.

Tiago Marreiros

Working in José's team, Tiago is a diversely talented coder and recent addition to PrompterVideo™. He is charged with the management and development of the application and site. His structured approach to the development is highly valued.

Key Staff

Chief Developer