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Like to know more about our Beta program?

We're always honing our releases to make sure they perform in every aspect. To do so requires intensive testing and writing modified code. In order for us to be sure that each line of that code is working as expected we ask for your help.
This system is referred to as beta testing and without your help, we simply couldn't achieve the vigorous approach we set ourselves.

Beta Testing

What's it all about?.

If you're interested in utilising PrompterVideo™ for your business and you're prepared to assist in the Beta Testing then we'll reward you with a fully functional and bespoke Prompter Video solution at a considerable discount.

Benefits to You

By participating in PrompterVideo™'s Beta Program, you will:

  • Gain early access to new products and get a head-start on new technology that can create a competitive advantage for your company.
  • Get the opportunity to contribute to the design of future releases of PrompterVideo™ products.
  • Have a direct impact on our product development stream
  • Receive a bespoke and fully functional PrompterVideo application for your business.

  • For more details please contact us. You can do so here.

    The Process

    Once you've been accepted into the program, we'll conduct a conference call with you and your team to better understand your business model and determine the best usage of PrompterVideo technology for your business. We'll listen to your needs and propose ideas, create an action plan, design the components and finally deliver your PrompterVideo. During and after this process your feedback will be documented and evaluated. Any feedback should be sent to the support team.

    When contacting support at [email protected], it will be very important to mention in the subject line that the comment is for the PrompterVideo™ Beta Plan so the ticket will be escalated immediately .

    To allow resolution of the critical issues in each release we will appreciate a fast response in the first 2 weeks of your personal beta.