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PrompterVideo™ technology is very different to a simple walk-on video ...

... and so you probably have many questions regarding the difference.

Check out the below FAQ and let us know if there's anything else you want to know by contacting our sales team by phone, email or using the contact form provided here

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What is PrompterVideo™?

PrompterVideo™ is a technology that provides an intelligent interactive presence on your website. There are two levels of interactivity. An entry level product, called a Smart Walk-on™) video and a more complex product being a Prompter Video™.

Even with a Smart Walk-on™ video, the presenter or concierge doesn't just walk-on and greet a visitor but actually interacts with them.

The concierge offers guidance on how to move around the site, how to find what they need and can even ask the visitor for some simple information that might help you with your marketing.

A PrompterVideo™ is capable of also interacting with a visitor in order to assist in complex processes, such as the completion of complex multi-level forms. In this case the PrompterVideo™ presnter can guide the visitor step by step.

A PrompterVideo™ has the ability to subtly interrogate visitors whilst accessing a database of information either about the visitor or the site. A PrompterVideo™ can also be used to track usage, analyse the results and redirect visitors all in real time.

Can I just have a walk-on video?

Of course, our Smart Walk-on™ is our entry level video product and you can have this as a stand-alone service. Even at this entry level, Smart Walk-on™ includes the Analytic Dashboard and a Standard Database (more information below).

What is the price?

Smart Walk-on™ USD$1500.
You'll receive a full studio production of up to 60 seconds in HD and full stereo. Also included is professional script writing, a video presenter, installation, database integration and access to your own Analytic Dashboard. You'll also receive a stand alone video for use with You Tube or other sites at no extra cost.

Your Smart Walk-on™ can be upgraded at any time to a fully customised PrompterVideo™.

As a customised service, each PrompterVideo™ is created to suit your specific requirement. Price is on application. Ask for a quote today!

Where is the actual video hosted?

For an all-inclusive price we host and manage your video, offering the fastest, most secure and most reliable servers in the industry.

This management includes protection for your content and back-end database. Plus we provide you with an administrative analytic dashboard for overseeing the traffic and for controlling the scheduling of your various videos. Your video content is protected and only available to you, ensuring no one else can "poach" your content.

Is the video player branded?

No, it isn't. However it can be customised to reflect your branding.

Is there any special software needed?

There are no special requirements and PrompterVideo™ products will work on the majority of websites without any modification.

Can the actual video be placed anywhere on my web pages?

Sure. PrompterVideo™ products are designed to be placed in any appropriate position on your web page and may even remain static whilst the page is scrolled, if required.

Who provides the video script for my video?

In many cases, depending on the level of interaction, the video and script can become quite complex. Our experienced team will storyboard the interaction first and create a video script to fit. Although the script can be provided by a third party, it would need to be in consultation with our team.

How long with the process take?

Using PrompterVideo™ technology is about taking your website to a new level of interactivity, not just creating a walk-on video. Once your concept has been discussed and your instructions confirmed, then the storyboard would be presented and script written. Once approved, the video is created, the interactive module is enabled and the database is activated. Generally speaking this process takes around three weeks.