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September 30th 2014
Full Version Released released

Now with additional features and tight integration with CMS applications, PrompterVideo™ has reached delivery specifications and is available to all developers and clients in the form of two offerings .

The advanced technology of PrompterVideo™ is of particular interest to Advertising Agencies and Video Studios who are looking for new revenue streams and more advanced video offerings to provide their clients. "PrompterVideo has opened new doors for us," commented Remie Watkins of the Xemplar Group. "It has given us the ability to incorporate all manner of video and interactive capabilities into a client's website and the overwhelmingly positive response means we're onto an excellent new revenue stream."

Contact sales for more information as to how to be part of the "Early Adopter" program.

March 14 2014
First sites to feature PrompterVideo™ technology

Parent company, The Novita Group has been the first to roll out an early BETA version of PrompterVideo™ technology to their subsidiary sites. Novita Digital Studios Manager, Claire Schillaci, said the studio was busier than ever since they launched PrompterVideo™ products. "PrompterVideo is meeting a demand that has existed for some time. Our clients already use top quality video and now they want it to do something more.

"The new level of interactivity that PrompterVideo provides is really exciting for them and we're getting great feedback from their test campaigns. It's a lot of fun to work on in the studio too. It's challenging but a really creative process for myself and the team!