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Adding PrompterVideo™ technology to your site

Instructions on how to add a Smart Walk-on™ presenter to your website

Adding a Smart Walk-On™ to your site is easy. We'll pass you the simple instructions when we deliver your new video. A PrompterVideo™ project involves a lot of interaction and as such the addition of code to your website is handled by our team and is included in the pricing. So in some ways it's even easier for you than our Smart Walk-On™ product!

Flash Display Issues

Important information regarding issues you may encounter.

Active X Control
Most media like video games, video and audio are embedded to your site using "Active-X Controls" - Adobe Flash for example. These controls require visitors to install a plug-in to be able to play media. As media is becoming more and more popular on websites most people already have this plug-in installed. The biggest issue with this is that some browsers will not allow the Active-X Control to be installed. Keep in mind that the majority of people have multiple browsers and most browsers are compatible with Active-X Controls.

Are our servers working?

Videos are hosted from our servers in the USA and Europe. Having issues? Wonder if our video servers are up and running ok?

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